The end-of-life ritual in Judaism is designed to afford the family of a loved one a catharsis and a healing after the rupture of death. It aims to honor the deceased in prayer and rite, in symbol and in speech, as we reminisce about a life well lived and well loved in the bosom of family and friends. This time calls for the caring and nurturing of a professional clergyman, well versed in the Jewish customs of yore and the sensitivities of today. I am that rabbi, one whose eulogies are pointed and pertinent, personal and professional. Whether speaking alone or in conjunction with YOU, the family from the pulpit, I deliver eulogy, literally, good thoughts, in the most appropriate manner. Utilizing poetry, prayers, and readings both ancient and modern, in Hebrew and in English, I provide a quality Service, one that will surely uplift and ennoble and bring meaning and closure as the process of grief begins. Please remember: I am here for YOU, in the sad times, as well as in the glad times.